Ade Muttaqin Hidayat

Meet Ade Muttaqin Hidayat, a seasoned business leader known for his strategic acumen and effective problem-solving. With honors in International Relations from Universitas Pasundan in 2016, Ade's expertise is supported by certifications from renowned institutions like Wharton, Yale, Bocconi University, and the University of London, affirming his extensive knowledge.

Notably, Ade is the visionary behind a thriving investment group, comprising distinguished global executives from multinational corporations. This role has finely honed his strategic acumen and provided priceless insights into the business world. He's a valuable asset for those striving to achieve their business goals.


1-1 CONSULTING: Ade run a 1-1 consulting program for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their business. All clients start with an 8-hour Consultation online, so he can deeply understand your needs and begin to put pieces together for what is needed to grow your business. If you are interested, you may email him


Leadership — Guiding organizations to unlock their potential through visionary leadership and effective collaboration.

Excellence — Nurturing a culture of exceptional performance and ongoing improvement to attain unmatched success.

Growth — Inspiring transformative change through innovation, adaptability, and seizing new opportunities.

Wisdom — Leveraging deep knowledge and insightful perspectives for informed decision-making and navigating complex challenges with clarity.


The ones who know him and the ones who never met him. Here's a short list of people who have helped Ade:

Certified by prestigious institutions and organizations, Ade brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.

The Strategy of Content Marketing

Customer Insights: Quantitative Techniques

and more than 28 other certifications

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